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YaoSkin helps people get started with clean skincare products and offers various brands through their webshop.

YaoSkin web design

Because of the pandemic, embracing wellness is now more relevant than ever. More consumers adopt healthy lifestyles and seek for products and services that support mental wellbeing. Korean beauty products emphasize greatly on wellness and health.

YaoSkin is a Shopify webshop that offers safe and conscious skincare products for beginners. I’ve created a content strategy, optimized user experience, and crafted an infrastructure suitable for users who are unfamiliar with skin care. I used the Debut theme as a starting point to build custom elements.

YaoSkin web design homepage
YaoSkin web design homepage

On the homepage, the user is prompted with logos of brands that YaoSkin sells. Those visiting YaoSkin for the first time find themselves on completely new territory, but by recognizing these big names they will have something to feel familiar with which makes them feel ‘safer’.

YaoSkin web design homepage
YaoSkin web design homepage

Product key features are listed using simple, yet descriptive terms. By listing them with bullet points, users can quickly decide if the product is worth further studying, and purchasing.

The 10-step Korean skincare routine is widely famous but can be confusing for beginners. This is why each product page has the 10-step routine displayed with the relevant step highlighted.

Illustrations by Man-Gi Tang.

YaoSkin web design homepage

The website is optimized for mobile devices as the share of mobile users on e-commerce is steadily growing each year.

In the first half of 2020, 71% of the Dutch population aged 12 years and over purchased something online. This is 11% more than one year previously.

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