The Rotterdam Platters

UI design

The Rotterdam Platters makes food platters with finely selected delicacies and personally delivers them.

YaoSkin web design

The Rotterdam Platters was seeking a modern website that looks as neat as their food platters. I’ve helped the founder visualize the brand identity, optimized user experience, and designed a webshop that allows both deliveries and pickups.

The Rotterdam Platters web design
The Rotterdam Platters web design

The combination of a contemporary serif font and unsaturated colours gives off an elegant appearance while also giving the impression of comfort and luxury.

Food platters are more about the experience of the celebration, event or occasion rather than the food itself. The website mainly consists of atmospheric images to convey the coziness of get-togethers. The images are meant as placeholders, providing inspiration for the photographer.

Images by Anna Guerrero on Pexels.

The Rotterdam Platters web design

Nearly 1 out of 5 shoppers abandon their shopping cart due to a too long/complicated checkout process. However, the conversion rate can be increased by 35,26% through better checkout flow and design.

The Rotterdam Platters’ checkout is optimized by having the shopping cart accessible at all times, easily editable and the checkout page only asking for essential information details without distractions.

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