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Knitia is a unisex babywear brand. Their products are made using a traditional Czechoslovakian hand knitting machine from the 1970s.
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The customer segment for Knitia is identified as millennial parents who have a stronger desire for authenticity and ethical and sustainable product consumption. They are also community-minded and have a strong sense of civic responsibility, so naturally their buying motives include the admiration for skills and the desire to keep traditions alive.

With this in mind, an emotional connection with the target audience can be established by building Knitia’s brand around the fact that they are one of the few in the world who possess the skill to work with this machine, which is slowly but surely dying out.

YaoSkin web design homepage
YaoSkin web design homepage

Knitia’s website is designed to convey a soft, cozy, and personal feeling. Remote user testing was conducted in order to validate this.

The product pages show detailed information about not only the product but also the material and how to take care of it. A TrustPilot widget is placed underneath the “Add To Basket” button to affect the user’s sense of trust.

YaoSkin web design homepage
YaoSkin web design homepage

The checkout process is simplified as much as possible by removing distracting information and links that lead away from checkout, reducing the number of form fields and offering a guest checkout option.

YaoSkin web design homepage

Study shows that 28% of users will abandon their shopping cart because of unexpected shipping costs. To avoid this, information about shipping is easily accessible throughout the website. There is also an offer of free shipping which is further emphasized in the cart page.

By adding an option to qualify for free shipping, almost a quarter of users is willing to increase their order value.

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